Text Box: Holy Matrimony

A lifelong union between a man and a woman for procreation and mutual support, reflective of the loving union of Jesus with His church.

Text Box: Matrimony gives its own special grace, its sacramental grace.
This consists in a claim upon God for whatever actual graces the couple may need, through the years, to make a happy and successful marriage.
For its full effectiveness this grace needs the cooperation of both partners to the marriage.  Referenced from

Marriage preparation constitutes a providential and favorable period for those oriented toward this Christian sacrament, and a Kayrós, i.e., a period in which God calls upon the engaged and helps them discern the vocation to marriage and family life


Two sacraments, Holy Orders and Matrimony, are directed towards the salvation of others; if they contribute as well to personal salvation, it is through service to others that they do so. They confer a particular mission in the Church and serve to build up the People of God.


 Excerpted from the Catechism of the Catholic Church as published on

Detail from Corpus Christi church  side altar  with a wedding bouquet in the foreground.