“I am grateful to him who has strengthened me, Christ Jesus our Lord…” 1 Timothy, 12

Stained glass window  depicting the Blessed Virgin Mary and baby Jesus.

 Our Mission and Motive

Corpus Christi Roman Catholic Church

320 Philadelphia Avenue

Chambersburg, PA  17201

Franklin County

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Sometime in the 21st Century, our fourth as a parish, the facilities are going to need an upgrade that goes above and beyond everyday maintenance. On the wish list is increased space for worship and modernized education facilities that allow us to keep pace both ideologically and technically.


Encouraged by our former bishop, Bishop Rhoades, our former pastor Reverend James R. O’Brien established the “21st Century Fund” as a foundation for capital improvements.





Anyone wishing to contribute financially to the fund has several options. It is possible to put Corpus Christi into a last will and testament. Making a provision in your will can be accomplished easily by including the topic in a newly written document, or by including it later as an addendum. An attorney’s advice may be helpful regarding the details and tax benefits.  Individuals wishing to memorialize a deceased person could make a donation to the 21st Century Fund in lieu of flowers. Immediate gifts are also possible.


For further details about the fund, please contact the parish office during normal business hours. Additionally, a brochure is available in the church lobby.



The 150th Anniversary of

our Harrisburg Diocese


  Excerpted from writings of Father Edward Quinlan



      What did the diocese look like in 1868?


At the young age of 34, the newly consecrated Bishop Jeremiah J. Shanahan arrived in Harrisburg to take up his responsibilities for a sprawling diocese covering 18 counties in central Pennsylvania.


In 1901, Center, Clinton and Fulton counties were ceded to help form the Diocese of Altoona, leaving the current 15.


There were about 25,000 Catholics in the Diocese of Harrisburg. There were 19 parishes with resident pastors, plus 34 missions and stations. Some 7 counties had no resident pastor. There were 7 parochial schools, and one academy with total enrollments of 955 students. Faculties consisted of 13 Religious and 10 lay teachers.


Staff of the brand new diocese consisted of 19 diocesan priests, three Jesuit priests and 18 religious sisters from the Sisters of St. Joseph and, the Sisters, Servants of the Immaculate Heart of Mary.